The right search, the right way!

The Windsor Group

specializes in many areas.

Some of which include:

-Client Service and Relationship Management
-Treasury and Cash Management
-Financial Reporting
-Administration and Operational Support
-Human Resources

The Mission

We strongly believe that a successful business is one in which integrity is fostered and high ethical standards are followed. Furthermore, many of our recruiters have working experience in the fields that we deal with. This provides a more effective way to identify, screen and refer candidates for the specific jobs we are working on.

The Service

We can assist in hiring at all levels from entry level to senior executive. From hiring a junior marketing assistant to seeking a seasoned CPA, each job search is treated with dedication, enthusiasm and integrity. We handle all facets of hiring including temporary hiring, temp to full time and full time placements. Additionally, many job seekers look to The Windsor Group to provide them with optimal career opportunities.